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INSULATED PROBES - An Enlightened Choice

"Electrolysis used to be considered an uncomfortable, yet very effective treatment. Today, electrolysis tops the list thanks to its rapid, long-lasting results as well as its excellent comfort level. Since the development of new working techniques, electrologists are now able to maximize their results and increase client comfort at the same time! But could we do even better with electrolysis? Of course! By using top-quality insulated probes.


Why are we using insulated probes?

An excellent reason is because they protect the skin surface. Thus, you can kiss crusts and tiny scabs goodbye and say hello to beautiful, smooth, healthy skin without any pigment spots! So many clients neglect to follow the post electrolysis advice we provide and end up with small pigment spots (hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation). Using insulated probes will make a world of difference, for both normal and sensitive skins!


Insulated probes also offer superior performance. According to Dectro clinical studies, the results are 17% faster. The area treated with an insulated probe also shows 33% less re-growth.

Thanks to insulated probes, sessions are shorter, results are more quickly achieved, and undesirable skin reactions are avoided. The use of insulated probes also brings greater client satisfaction, since treatments are more comfortable. Of course, to obtain these kinds of results, you must know how to use insulated probes properly! "

by Karine Beaumont, Actuelle,  Dectro Interbational